Poetry doodles

Poetry Games 2015


Lost not found

Missed not caught


brotherly love

jealous tides and rides

Red rope tightened, suffocating

brotherly love

Found not lost

Caught not missed


Anger, brother, from a sister

Jealousy, brother, from a sister

Hatred, brother, from a sister

Fight, fight, fight

All for parents love!


sorry. Brother, sorry.

A Simple Warning

(written after the Paris attacks November 2015)

Beware of those

who ignite injustice

Beware of those

who heats hatred

Beware of those

who bequeath their boiling blood.

Think. Stand Up.

A life is a right!

Beware of belief

It is a thoughtful thought

Beware of belief

It is a idealised idea

Beware of belief

Bequeathed to you!

Think. Stand Up.

A life is our right!

Dreams are real.

Dreams are real

like a movie reel.

Make dreams wonderful

just like a wonderful world.

Dreams are beauty

like a Spring blossom.

Make dreams flower

just like roses in the hour.

Dreams are happy.

like a fine whiskey.

Make dreams live

savour them slowly.

Live dreams for real.

A half started song

It is a half started song

Left in the middle

Running from another wrong

When I met you

You and I seemed so right

Seemed so true

You and I

We’re a half-started song

Lost in the midnight

A half-started song

Left in the middle

Running from another wrong

When I met you

Sparks flew at your touch

It was like touching home

When I met you

You and I

A half-started song

Successfully stalling

A half-started song

Left in the middle

Running from another wrong

And I wonder

When will our beginning have a middle

And then an end

In our half started song

A half started song

Left in the beginning

Running from the middle

Our half-started song

Without an end


Sisters bound in blood ne-

ver to meet. Connections lost

Sisters are for keeps!

Lost in Realisation

The journey one walks

Realisation comes to those

patient. Lost journeys!


Where do we belong?

Why do we belong?

For some sometime a long time

For some sometime a short time

For some sometime forever

For some sometime never

Everyone just wants to belong with someone

Belonging together in the where ever!

The strangeness of Life

Wondering through the

world like sleepers living a

dream that is our fate!


Living love

Living love leads to despair

Desperate despair screams for hope

Hope holds hands with life

Safety is hiding from living love

Living love risks burning fire

Fires desires air

Fierce fire passionately embraces air

Passion suffocates and

Air lives in despair

Safety hides

Hope is crushed

Fire is enraged.





 New Year

New hope, new deams, new love

Let go and embrace the goodAccept and Change

Walk forwards

Find the good

Find love

                  Walk with love

                      Walk with hope

Always dream

Embrace the New

Year in and

Year out.


Darkness lines troubled minds.

The blissful veneer masks deadly


Battle the minds.

White and Black reap

havoc in the skies minds.

Masks are bare.

Reality wakes

Responsibility resonds

too late!



2 thoughts on “Poetry doodles”

  1. love the line – “Desperate despair screams for hope”! very evocative. You might lose the last line “Darkness…” for more impact. “Responsibility resonds

    too late!” says it all. Keep writing!


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