A Parisian Parent and now a parent in Brussels

This is a blog about single parenting; moving countries and general experiences in a foreign culture. The blog aims to make you laugh, to understand the pros and cons of international moving and help all those lone parents realise they are not alone in the world.

This blog is also about love and the desire to be in love.

Hopefully, the writing is funny, poignant, reflective and engaging!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have browsed your blog and it is interesting reading. Funny enough, your situation is similar to mine. I am a single mum with 2 teenage boys. I do not get a penny from their dad who lives in America and remarried. I am financially struggling through as my wages don’t meet the outgoings. Luckily I can ask my sisiter for financial help, but that is not the answer, I do want to manage by myself. My boys are fantstic and very cheap they do not ask for much at all. They are extremely supportive. but hey this is only money, life is more than that. I have to say since I am divorced (3 years now) I am a much happier person and I see the world in a different light, I have worked hard with self help books to get to that state. Sorry its a bit long but I wanted to share wiht you and tall you that you are not alone! We are strong and we can make it, when we believe in ourselves. Ute x


    • Hi there,

      It is wonderful to hear from you. I am sure there are many women around the world with a similar situation to ours. The tragedy is how do what was once a good man lose their compassion and their desire to care for their own children? I guess there is no answer for the question, perhaps psychologists will have a better idea. There are good men out there, I have met a few, who are very good friends. I wish you luck with your teenage boys, my son is truly happy at university and my daughter is very happy and easy-going. Our children are definitely more insightful and compassionate and from that perspective, we are incredibly fortunate.


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