It has been a while since writing this blog. I have been thinking seriously what should this subject of my blog should be this year. How does one write meaningfully to an unknown audience?

I have in the past attempted to reach out to parents of teenagers, single parents and I have attempted to advice those who like me have spent time on online dating websites. I have tried to capture observations of everyday life.

Yet when it came to my time of reflective thinking. I had think seriously, what have I, as yet not faced. It boiled down to the simple fact that I bury my head in the sand, all of the time, when it comes to my financial affairs. It is totally shameful for a once upon a time average accountant!

However, I got through my accounts degree by an absolute miracle, I never fully understood it, and to this day in industry, I always managed to fudge the balance sheet because I could never get it to balance. Thank goodness for that miscellaneous expense account where one puts all the missing pennies (probably more than pennies) so that one could present a company cash flow, profit and loss statement and balance sheet to the directors. I must send a belated apology to all the companies I have worked for in the past. I am sure they are all breathing a sigh of relief that I am now an English teacher! In retrospect, I think it is best to let sleeping dog lie!

So this year. I am taking my head out of the sand. I am going to read everything I can get on how to save effectively, invest effectively, live within ones means and develop healthy financial habits.

If you are interested…keep reading this blog. And to all those, like me, a still single parent, struggling to support your children, and get what we most truly desire, I wish you success!