Upon my return from work the other evening I was chatting to colleagues and listening to their challenges that they faced on the holiday season. It is probably the first time that I felt I was truly lucky to be in a position of no pressure.

This season, which is meant to be joyous, is probably one of the most stressful periods for young couples, couples with babies and young children. The demands of family is high.  Each set of parents expect their allotted time with their children and grandchildren. One can only sympathise with these poor parents and equally sympathise with the poor grandparents. So why do we create such a huge mountain out of this consumer fuelled festival?

There is pressure to buy the perfect gift

There is pressure to be present with family

There is pressure to please others around you

There is pressure to give to others, especially charities

And ultimately, various constraints, be it financial or geographical, means you will fail at one or more of the above! The end result…

….extreme guilt.

So why do we do it? Why do we build this pressure to spend one day out of 365 days with family, give to others and buy the perfect present?

Afterall, failure to please only results in disappointment and misery for all.

So instead of crumbling Christmas, why not let go of expectations and desires and subscribe to another day where there is no festival and no meaning attached and make each moment of that day with loved ones special and fun, rather than focus all efforts on this one day that has lost its value!