It is fair to say the week post the Paris attacks have been strange, unusual and just plain weird. Belgium was not even attacked, yet we are sitting in the highest level of crisis.

This event has had an impact on people without a shadow of a doubt. Some of it negative and some of it incredibly positive.

This week there has been an increase in police patrols, an increase in transport delays and an increase in blockages to certain areas.

And on a small scale this has often meant that people have not arrived at their destinations on time or even at all. However, at the gym, what has really impressed me about the community, who are mostly French Belgians and international eurocrats, is that the regulars have of their own accord started the classes themselves and run the class in the spirit of friendliness and support when our instructors have failed to arrive.

The understanding of the people has and is amazing and instead of anger towards these poor instructors there has been incredible support for them when they eventually turn up to run the class.

For me, as the quiet English speaking person at the back of the class. I have enjoyed following the regulars who have got their favourite music off their IPODS and done a few simple routines. For me, as an observer, I am in admiration of these people who are not shy and initiate the classes start in a fun and friendly manner, engaging other members of the class to take over the leadership of a routine but mostly I am in admiration of the community these wonderful resourceful people create.

In light of the tragic Parisian events and the level 4 security measures in Brussels, it is still important to see that most people are awesome, have amazingly good hearts, and are fun and caring.