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The new John Lewis Christmas advert is highly emotive and highlights the serious issue of loneliness within the aged. However, it is not just the ‘aged’ who are lonely:

Loneliness attacks anyone and everyone and can be experienced in many forms, for example, one can be lonely in a marriage or a relationship or with friends, one can be lonely in a new country, when one has lost all their family, when relationships have broken down. The sad feeling of isolation is not just unique to the old but to all: Young and Old.

To change the feeling of loneliness is probably one of the greatest challenges one can experience and change. I know I have felt lonely in a marriage, as an adolescent, as a new single mother and an expatriate, with friends and with parents and when on my own and having no one to speak to whilst my children have visited their father and I have hated it.

However, I have now become comfortably lonely. One can grow used to the loneliness experienced in life and even make it a friend, so much so… that to change this strange companion becomes the greatest challenge one has to overcome. Afterall, when things are comfortable, is there a point in changing it?

To change loneliness takes courage and whether you are young or old, a parent or a child, or someone who is in their 80’s. It needs courage and it is often courage that is lacking.

We are all capable of making connections…but sometimes it is easier to wear the loneliness than strip it off.

I am still searching for my courage…and whilst I seek it, I will continue to be comfortably lonely.