I have been lucky enough to attend a conference that will enhance my professionalism in the work place. And I have been lucky enough to meet loads of talented and inspirational professionals this weekend.

But what has been most remarkable was bumping into ex-colleagues and friends at this conference. All still enthusiastic for their subjects and their professional development. They are innovators.

What was even more remarkable was the experience of their warmth, kindness and generosity. All of these people are teachers, remarkable teachers.

Often, and in particular, in the UK, teachers are criticised and pushed to the point that many are leaving the profession jaded and destroyed. We all want to be the one teacher that made a difference to a student and so we push ourselves to become better, we push ourselves to be positive, we push ourselves to make your son or daughter feel that they can achieve their dreams.

Teachers are thinkers, leaders, dreamers. We work both academically and intellectually to help your young children become global citizens, to become leaders and care-takers of this world. Our world.

And so I just want to say thank you to those remarkable friends who inspire our youngsters and have encouraged and inspired me to become a better, hopefully, remarkable teacher.

My remarkable best friend from Cambridge who inspired me to teach, the remarkable man who interviewed me for the teacher training programme and believed in me, the remarkable mentors and teachers who taught me to teach, the remarkable heads, deputy heads and colleagues who listened and did not judge and accepted and respected. All these people are not only the educators of your children but the inspirational influences that have driven me to become better for your children.

It is time that society reviewed the way we look at our world educators, it is time that society recognised just how remarkable teachers are, because it is these remarkable people who are creating remarkable citizens of this world.

These remarkable people just need to be thanked.