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This was going to be an outraged rant about online dating and the sheer number of 21 year old men that contact women. It was going to be a rant about not wanting to be a mother figure for a person who hasn’t yet truly experienced life. This was going to be a rant about people being unable to read one’s requirements on an online dating website. It was all of this and whilst I was doing my research and read so many people saying it could never work I thought of my friends who had partners twenty or more years younger and they were working!

So when it comes to the matter of the heart, it does not matter what age the person is, what they do as a profession, how many children they have or whether they are vegan,  as long as both parties are adults and they are willing to risk falling in love, and all the ups and downs that love can be, what does it matter?

My friends who are in love with someone 20 years their junior or my friends who are in love with someone 20 years their senior are in love. And I am happy for them.

I used to think that age mattered, I used to think that there was something psychologically wrong with both parties and then I realised, there is nothing wrong with them at all. In fact, they are better off than I am because they have placed no restrictions on falling in love and just allowed it to be! I am envious!

And whilst I will not be going for the 21 year old man, as I know my type: He is similar in age to me, he carries with him heavy baggage. I have realised that I place too many criteria on my type of man, ensuring that my criteria self sabotages something truly wonderful because somewhere inside, I must be afraid of the risks when falling in love.

What a pity!

I hope I can love freely, just like our friends who have entered into relationships where there is a large age gap!