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This holiday is all about my daughter and her exam stress and her need to study, so whilst I spring clean our home she sits at her desk and does what looks like revision!

Our respite is our daily gym session where we have got into a range of classes, the most popular being the cycle session. We are developing the good habit of walking to the gym and walking home again, and one hopes in the process of this experience I am loosing those excess pounds or kilograms.

Today was a unique experience. My daughter wanted a mind and body class so that she could do some meditation and calm her mind. I checked the schedule and found a Thai Chi class. I have a friend (who I have unfortunately lost contact with) who did Thai Chi daily and even landed up on the front cover of the New York times, demonstrating Thai Chi, when she was on holiday; so I thought we would give this class a try.

The moment we entered we were surrounded by the silver haired brigade and my daughter was the youngest by generations; we looked around to see if we could make a hasty escape but we’d been spotted.

The class actually started well and it was beginning to live up to my expectations until the instructor decided to actually instruct properly. We tend to prefer the ‘just follow’ method of gym classes and we are back rowers, we never ever progress to the front.

Further to this all the classes are in French, my French is below the basic level so you can imagine my fear if an instructor picks on me. I will just seize up and nod and say, ‘oui’ without much comprehension.

So now he had actually stopped to teach us and demonstrate to us and this is when I became fearful yet at the same time was able to watch the beauty of the game unfold.

It was with admiration that I watched a front row little old lady, dressed in Khaki trousers and a flowered blouse, backchat the instructor and then giggle like a teenager. The instructor was the stereotypical martial arts guru, in fact, he looked a lot like the Karate kid’s master, (the original one,) with his bald head, serious face, taut lean body and his short stature. Our little old lady, was not satisfied with his ignoring her chatter then went in with the light but flirtatious ‘girly’ punch on the arm, and this was followed by another giggle, laughter from the group, and a twinkle in her eye. Still no response so another playful punch as he responded to her twinkle with a retort and some banter.

The class then turned into a little bit of silliness from everyone, which allowed my daughter and I to laugh at our own inside joke but privately, I was thinking that when I am old and wrinkled and a part of the silver haired brigade I would hope I will still be playfully flirting with the Thai Chi instructor; 20 years younger.

Bust most importantly I wished to be flirting with the man who is going sweep me off my feet, if he hasn’t already.