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A few weeks ago I wrote about the challenges women have with their profile photos and the belief that we are a society that has become superficial. Naturally, because I was critiquing men and complaining about their ‘shallow’ way of seeing women-as they are very visual-I had placed myself in a different category.

I believed because I have dated men of all shapes and sizes and one of my relatively long-term relationships was with an obese (in an unhealthy way) man, I thought I was different.

Recently, I have learnt I am no different. I am equally shallow and equally visual.

I know I have the ability to go beyond the cover, if what is inside the cover is interesting and I can find a connection or I can identify with the person. Their story engages me and I want to find out more but I cannot (as much as I try) go beyond the cover, when I find no connection.

Sometimes I can be cruel too, judging them as: creeps, weirdos or disturbed. Obviously, I would never say that to someone but I have just learnt that I can be physically repelled by someone.

It is a sad truthful moment. One, that hopefully one day I will be able to overcome.

We should try to look beyond the covers and even if there is no connection, seek something wonderful about that individual.