Parenting is a funny thing. As children get older, one begins to worry less and I can truly say I believe both my children will be successful in their own life’s journey. But there are times when one wishes that they never had to have experiences that causes them so much pain.

It seems it is human nature to seek love, we all search for it, and I am currently seeking it and in reality we all deserve it and need it to help us through life.

So it is difficult to watch your children feel and experience pain, especially since I know that the pain is derived from their desire to experience love from another parental figure. It is hard to know that no matter how much you love your children, you will never fill this void, simply because you are not the person that they desire the love from!

It leaves one relatively powerless as you become an observer of you children, as your children go through the experience that the feeling of not being loved can cause: hate, anger, disappointment and then finally acceptance and forgiveness.

I am in no doubt that they will experience this many times, as we all have experienced this, many times but it would be lovely if we could protect them from this pain.

If only I could, I would wipe away their pain with my love.