Being single and being ready to date again, it seems that the normal way of dating has become internet dating. So I have joined a couple of websites in my pursuit of developing a positive fun and loving relationship that can become long-term.

But seriously, how can one compete in this world where women are willingly putting themselves out there for a brief encounter in their desire to meet a man? I am not sure who to feel sorry for, the men or these woman?

It raises the question: Has the internet made us superficial creatures?

I have recently been rejected because of the way my body looks and whilst I no longer have the flat stomach and I am slightly overweight, I am far from grotesque. Further to this, I recently had the opportunity to explore the images that women are putting out there to attract their future potential mate and it is not surprising I am unable to meet someone and it is not surprising that men believe they can get perfection!

The images I have encountered have been women, virtually exposing most of their large breasts; women in see-through bikinis and women in all sorts of seductive poses and postures, either clothed or completely naked on a couch.

Now, all is fair in love and war and I commend these ladies for their eagerness but it does raise more questions about our sexuality and our perceived equality to men, if we ourselves are still objectifying ourselves. In this modern Western world, why do we think it is still necessary to act in this manner and equally, why is it still necessary for a man to attempt to attract a women through the size of his wallet?

I am not a prude and I can appreciate that physical attraction is a crucial ingredient in the development of a relationship but of the profiles I have read where most men claim to be seeking a long-term relationship, it seems the long-term is based on the physical fitness rather than the intellectual and emotional intelligence of women.

If our society is moving along these lines, I think we are doomed and I do wonder whether it is time to reflect and consider what makes us unique and why are we allowing this seductive superficiality into our lives!

Brief encounters are hollow and lonely. It seems like we are treating people just like our wardrobe, our gadgets and sometimes our jobs.  We need the latest upgrade to our partner as soon as they become physically defunct.

Or is there a counter-argument to this?