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It is always easy to convince someone that something is in their best interests and it is equally easy to be convincing when you offer a ‘sweetener’ to the deal.

When it came to leaving France and moving to Belguim, my daughter knew I would make the right decision for us both and she handled the idea with a mature head. But in order to clinch her agreement I promised her a pet of some sort…

And as a 16 year old, a pet has to be reasonably cuddly or active so I could not get away with a gold fish nor a hamster. The decision was to either get a kitten or small puppy. After extensive research and procrastination. I finally settled on a kitten and we purchased one, it was bloody expensive, just before Christmas.

A ragdoll kitten with blue eyes and a sense of mischief, was eventually named Darcy (after our favourite male character in a couple of books, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ for me and ‘Her Royal Spyness’ for my daughter.) And who would thought of all the benefits?

Darcy has transformed our lives. He definitely relieves stress and prevents numerous arguments. Just playing with him and cuddling him (I am trying to avoid any euphemisms here!) has improved our well being. Every evening, we have a cuddly little fur ball to return home too. The cat has created such a calm and pleasurable atmosphere that I am wondering why it has taken me nearly 16 years to get one.
We are both besotted and definitely much happier in our spirits!