Dear Reader,

I have neglected this site for a very long time and someone (whom I admire and care about,) asked me why I had stopped. I did not really have an answer and truly appreciated their comments, so I am going to try again, however this time, I am a parent in Brussels.

Sadly, a teaching salary in Paris, only provided me with a live-able wage and it was getting too tough. Further to that, the boyfriend of the time felt that I took advantage of him financially. I think he had a valid point but I could not live up to his lifestyle and I had invested (emotionally and  ‘what I could’ financially) but I could never match his lifestyle. It ended.  Endings are always sad, and naturally, I grieved. I will always be grateful to him, he was a good person for the moment in time.

So as one does, I got the agreement of my daughter and the agreement of my school, which we both loved, and sent out my c.v. This has brought me to Brussels. Can one believe that I went from the poor 18th arrondissment to one of the smartest suburbs in Brussels and for almost the same rent I have doubled the size of my apartment and it looks onto beautiful gardens. Brussels is just an hour and a bit away from Paris.

And so whilst this blog will no longer be about the perks or quirks of single parenting in Paris. It will be about single parenting in Brussels and the search for the man I am going to grow old with.

I will say something about Paris, if you visit in the springtime or summer time; one of the best places to go is the Rodin museum, not only to see the Thinker and The Lovers (both exquisite,) but to sit down in their garden at the back and have the pleasure of quiet picnic.

I tell my students, every now then, that life is a tragicomedy and I hope my stories will offer laughter and hope for you, the reader.