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It has been almost two months since my son left home for university and my daughter and I have been attempting to develop good habits, good routines and generally come to terms with the departure of my son.

All things were going relatively well, until my loving daughter decided to attempt to break in to our home. Basically, she’d lost her key (something my son had done numerous amounts of times in various homes that we have lived in. He recently admitted to sending a number of house keys down to the depths of the river Cam, in Cambridge, UK whilst punting with friends.) Thankfully, in Paris he just burnt down an apartment but never lost his house keys! Well, my daughter lost her house key and I am beginning to wonder if another apartment will burn down…

Anyway, instead of admitting to the loss of the key, she decided to ‘break in’. I thought at the age of 14, one would’ve outgrown the belief that they can be C.I.A agents or trendy cat burglars. Her attempt at breaking in cost me, nearly 1700 euros in the official 2 minute ‘break in’ and a new lock! I knew I was being ripped off but was powerless to do anything about it!

You can imagine I was furious!

Luckily for my daughter, I was going to Greece on a school trip so a couple of days after the fiasco and heart break as my bank balance was destroyed. I removed myself from the situation. I am a nervous passenger when it comes to flights and luckily for her it puts in perspective just how important she is to me, so all was forgiven relatively quickly- although she is still grounded!

But I really did think now that I have relatively successfully managed to get one to university it would be easier. I am in the process of ‘project’ managing her and checking her homeworks and expressing my distress or pleasure over grades. She has never had such wonderful parenting or focus from me as in the past my attention was divided. Therefore, I am dumb-founded when the next act on her part landed up with me taking her to hospital to the pediatric A&E department for a fractured ankle. This has happened within two weeks of the ‘break in’ incident! It additionally cost another 80 euros in taxi fares.

It has worked in my benefit as I have now banned all high heels but it does seem that she is following her brothers patterns…whilst most of his actions have been admirable, she seems to have chosen the ones where he got into trouble. I am sure she is not consciously doing this but I am left wondering how she has become this ‘disaster prone’ child.

People say things come in threes, I am desperately hoping that the Maths homework that was not handed in is the third thing and from now on things will only look up as she is on the mend.

But one thing is for certain, parenting isn’t it easier with one child, it is just different. It still continues to amuse me and her brother mocks and consoles her. SHe told me that when she spoke to him about her misdeeds he told  her: ‘Don’t worry, I have done worse and Mom still loves me.’

And I do still love them both!