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There are many amazing women out in the world and often they are the heroines behind the heroic man. Since my fire disaster I have met many inspirational and amazing women. Some will continue to stay in our lives and sadly, some will leave our lives but continue along their inspirational journeys.

So this is a goodbye until we meet again to some of those wonderful women who have taught me so much. Two ‘au revoirs’ go to American ladies. One is moving to Hong Kong and the other is returning to California.

We often stereotype people and Californians can get a bad reputation but the one friend, an ex super model, is kind generous and caring but not only does she have those skills but her story is inspirational. Her mom, determined that she would get a degree, cut her financially off when she was offered a modeling contract. Afterall, models do have a reputation of not being intelligent enough for University. However, this women insight to see the gap in the market, her ability to be disciplined and sensible meant that she saved every penny that she earned for work and was astute enough to invest wisely. This has made her an independent woman and listening to her story inspired me to be more focussed and more disciplined.

Another American friend, never hesitates to help people. As soon as she heard about the fire in my apartment she immediately took my daughter and myself under her wing and made us stay in her exquisite apartment next to Notre Dame. This friend has exceptional taste in decor and supreme intelligence, again, I found myself learning so much from her. Not only did she give me kindness for two weeks but she taught me to desire knowledge again and her thirst for knowledge, her ability to process ideas and sythesise them and her lack of fear in learning a new language was admirable and inspirational. Additionally, she has encouraged me to learn my French and gave me her own personal Ipod with Michel Thomas French lessons to listen to every day. I have started this.

Not all women have to be mature or have experienced life. One of the wisest woman I know is merely 25 years old. Young and vibrant, she has inspired me and helped me find a sense of calm in myself. She holds a spirituality around and all people are drawn to her happy positive nature. She has played a special role in our lives and is like an older sister to my daughter. She has shown me what friendship is and given my daughter a sense of value that perhaps I have not shown my daughter.

And then there are those who thankfully continue to stay in our lives. There is the mother of all, who takes care of her young, who is always a mere phone call away and has an abundance of love for everyone that she knows. I am thankful that she will continue to stay in my life and take me off to the local school bar when in need of a little tlc…

And there are the women who work with me, each person has taught me something and continues to make me a better person, even when sometimes I disagree with them.

There have been women in the UK, women in SA, all who have had a pivitol role in my life at some point. There has been the ex- mother-in-law, who taught love and then there is always finally your mothers and mine.

My adoptive mother sadly passed away a while ago, but she was a rock in which everyone leaned upon, she prayed and worried about the world and those she encountered and then there is a biological mother, who had so much courage to give a child a life and truly I am grateful…

for all of these women in my life and my children’s lives.

There are many superwomen in the world and we should celebrate them all, every day!