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This image shows a red wine glass.

This image shows a red wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many things in this world that we consider we should never mix, for example:

  1. Business and Pleasure (although if you’re in the right profession, business could be pleasure!)
  2. Friends and Business
  3. Money and Friends
  4. and the list could go on, however I would like to add:

Never mix: Stess with alcohol and a blackberry phone that has connected you to your closest friends and the occassional flirtation.

The result of the above cocktail is feeling mortified and embarrassed and wanting to crawl under the covers and hide from a particular individual for the rest of your life, especially if they are controlled and contained.

Imagine the scenario: Friday evening, Paris and Birthday drinks with friends.

Wine flows smoothly and your befuddled brain makes you believe you are speaking perfect sense, in a sagely manner, and you have solved all the worlds problems, because essentially you are an authority on everything. The evening ends smoothly, as far as you recall. (It reminds me of the drinking ads that were in the U.K. a while ago where the drunken person turns into spiderman…)

Yes, excessive drinking is bad but why then do some of us (on the rare occassion) do it? This does not happen too often, but I  bet most of us would like to have the control to say, ‘I will never drink again’ or ‘no thank you, I have already had two glasses, I don’t need more’ and then the memories fade and will becomes weak.

Often major catalystic events in one’s life impact the regulation of oneself. Excessive stress, excessive tiredness, lack of nourishment and wine with some friends will never be a great combination.

Mostly, it is fine you can leave the environment not having being too embarrassing, get a kebab and make your way home. However, disaster strikes when you have the false belief that you have rational brain on your head and you can use your blackberry to email a very good friend, random nonsense that when you read back in the morning, leaves you feeling shame faced and mortified. A quick, ‘OMG, I am so sorry’, email is sent. And one is left hoping for forgiveness and acceptance that we are imperfect creatures in an imperfect world.

So for those of us, who do like the odd glass of wine on a Friday evening. My advice is drink like the French, they can have one glass of wine that lasts about 2 hours, and the pleasure is in the good conversation that you have with your friends.

Every now and then I want to be French, they understand how to slowly relish things rather than rush things…