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The I.B. exams finished on the 22nd May and my son finally could have a drink and begin to enjoy the next few months before his next step of leaving home to go to University. Having not drunk for 6 months, he turned out to be a cheap date and landed up arriving home before I did. I was having my first full French immersion experience as I joined the French department to attend a performance of ‘Dangerous Liaisons‘.

A couple of days later and it was the graduation party. The graduation ceremony is happening on the first of June, (that is the one I am the most stressed about,) however this graduation party is organised by the students and run by the students and every year they invite teachers to celebrate with them. It is always a difficult one to negotiate because we would love to celebrate with them but are never sure where we stand from a professional perspective.

I had been invited and I was planning not to attend. I am not sure if it is a good idea for staff to go as we may be put in a situation where we see things that we shouldn’t, like way too much kissing. That is the one thing, I remember doing lots of in front of my friends at the tender age of 18. All these years later when kids start kissing in front of you I am really not sure what to do, even on the metro it can get a bit much. One moment you are happily daydreaming and staring into space, as you never make eye contact on the metro, and then the next moment your eyes are drawn to a couple kissing. Yet, I do love kissing, so could easily be one of the couples.

I was sitting outside a lovely bar on Avenue Mozart in Passy with two of my best friends when I got a bbm message from my son, the message read: ‘Mom, where are you? You have to come!’

It was truly an honour to have my son ask me to go to his gradutation party so we all climbed into a taxi to attend. We arrived to a very well-organised event. The group who organised it, gave bands to those who were 18 and were allowed to drink and all soft drinks for free. It was pleasantly suprising to find students not drinking, they were just have a good dance and it was wonderful to dance with them. And I got my moment with my son.

I did have a dance with him on the dance floor, even though he was mortified, but equally he would introduce me to some of his other friends as his mom and he had a great time. I was honoured to have him invite me and I am truly forutnate, as I got my moment with him where I could celebrate his graduation and now the 1st June is no longer an issue. He can confidently enjoy the pleasure of his father’s company and his grandparents without feeling guilt because he gave the best graduation present to me. I can’t imagine many kids would want their parents at their graduation party, I was humbled and honoured!