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One is always lucky, especially when it comes to friends. After writing my blog about dressing for the occasion and going in to work. I expressed my dilemma to my friends and colleagues.

One exceptionally good male friend agreed to come to my son’s graduation with me so that I feel safe and I have a point of reference who will keep me in check to ensure that I act with grace and kindness, and I guess is technically ‘pretending’ to be my date. Additionally, he is French and is charming, intellectual and funny, but what he is doing is truly special. My good mother and daughter friends are helping me by ensuring my hair and make-up is done to stun and even with all of this in place I still felt vulnerable…so

…Immediately, my friends at school rallied around, two friends said we would all do the Dukan together and another (very special friend, who is like a younger sister to me,) come to the rescue with a military precision operation plan for a Saturday afternoon shopping event. So I would like to introduce you all to the most wonderful and truly amazing Sabrina Mhar. Her advice is honest and sound. She solves problems! If you are looking for someone to support you in a shopping endeavour for the perfect outfit, I would recommend her skills. Look at this document that she has produced prior to the shopping trip.

Operation grad jo created by Sabrina Mhar

Sabrina is amazing and I would highly recommend her shopping skills, especially if like me you were feeling vulnerable and stressing about a particular occasion or event. Contact her and seek her out, she is wise in the ways of dressing and is honest without making you feel awful. If anything her positive vibrant personality shines and makes one feel truly special. She is an inspiration to me and many other friends and colleagues. If you want shopping assistance contact her: sab_71@hotmail.com, she is amazing and she would help!

Caring and supportive friends and colleagues are reminder of how lucky we are in this world and I am truly grateful for all of them!