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Being single and eventually wanting a long-term relationship provides interesting, crazy and truly fascinating experiences. It raises questions like has society progressed to the point that one night stands are a choice for both men and woman and the man respects the woman the following day? Why are there so many ‘players’, so many ‘affairs’ ? And in France, why is it culturally accepted to have a mistress or a lover? A ‘lover’ is cheaper than a ‘mistress’ as a ‘mistress’ is meant to be financially kept.

I don’t claim to have the answers but I do have the experiences. I have experimented with one night stands through to the idea of being a ‘lover’. These experiences, along  with my 18 year relationship with my ex-husband has made me realise that we are creatures desperately seeking the elusive feeling of ‘being loved’. The concept makes us dependant on others…

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