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Last night I was lucky enough to have a girly night out with two very good friends, and they were mum and daughter. Mum and I are of similar age and it was wonderful to see that they had such a close relationship that they told each other everything.

I admire them for their relationship and I hope that I too will one day have a similar relationship with my daughter. The question is how do you develop such a bond of trust between your child and yourself? At what point do you become parental yet friends?

I asked them both but they did not seem to have the answer. The only way they could describe the change was through a single teenage moment where the daughter just cried one day in the car and told mum all the things she had not told her in the past.

But what did seem to be clear was the bond of trust. Mum described it as I am here ‘on a need to know basis’. This implies that mum doesn’t pry but waits for her daughter to talk to her. Mum also never pretended, that is, behave in one way and then pretend she never behaved like that in the past. I must say in that way our parenting styles are similar because I don’t hide any of my ‘crazy’ adventures from my kids. Mum said, ‘I pass no judgements.’

I left the night hoping that one day I will have that close relationship with my daughter.

Trust, Love and Acceptance. That seems to be the key!