Being single and eventually wanting a long-term relationship provides interesting, crazy and truly fascinating experiences. It raises questions like has society progressed to the point that one night stands are a choice for both men and woman and the man respects the woman the following day? Why are there so many ‘players’, so many ‘affairs’ ? And in France, why is it culturally accepted to have a mistress or a lover? A ‘lover’ is cheaper than a ‘mistress’ as a ‘mistress’ is meant to be financially kept.

I don’t claim to have the answers but I do have the experiences. I have experimented with one night stands through to the idea of being a ‘lover’. These experiences, along  with my 18 year relationship with my ex-husband has made me realise that we are creatures desperately seeking the elusive feeling of ‘being loved’. The concept makes us dependant on others and in need. Relationships, even for a night are incredibly complex, fun, messy and confusing but one tends to leave with a hint of guilt (wondering whether you are a slut) definitely feeling good (the endorphins have kicked in) and for a short while, you have made a connection and felt the elusive feeling of so called ‘love.’

So the desire to feel ‘love’ or pretend you are ‘loved’ brings one into contact with an enormous amount of men in Paris: Some are honest; some are cheating on their wives and others are players. I define the player as the old fashioned bachelor, who enjoys the game, probably wanted to be James Bond as a child, and is incredibly charming and smooth. The keepers tend to be married and are searching for their ‘lover’ or ‘mistress’. They are in here and they are definitely smooth. The silver foxes of the world, who are more pragmatic.

You will be wined and dined, conversation is always easy with these men and you will always feel you have a connection with them. They are stylish, charming and funny. The pleasure is in the game and you choose whether you want to participate.

So, if you come to Paris, remember these men are all wonderful interesting people, but hold on to your feelings.The game is one of control, who controls who…and if you are willing to learn and play, you will have fun, without a doubt. But if you are hoping for love, be careful, hold on to your emotions until you know whether they have fallen for you. They are good, interesting men, they all have an element of danger.

French men in Paris, are truly interesting.